Derek Osburn •

Derek Osburn •

01 - Homosexuality is being made to be perfectly acceptable life style by the media & politicians. What is the best way to stand firm and yet not compromise my faith when the issue comes up? I understand and know the word.

First I am glad you know the word of God, that is the most important part.

Next we need to discuss our sensitivity to this cultural issue and how as Christ-followers we are to address it (in a TRUTH IN LOVE WAY).

We as Christians are not called to judge, speak truth devoid of love, or anything else that would go against what Jesus taught. I believe that we should love people where they are and allow God to convict through the Holy Spirit. Since this is His job to begin with. 

We are not called to talk about people, let others know what we know about them or what their sexual orientation might be. 

We are called to LOVE people.

We are called to PRAY for people.

We are called to REPENT for ourselves only.

As the issue comes up, which by the way it is inevitable that it will come up, I believe we just LOVE people, pray for people and not have tolerance for ANY and EVERY SIN. We tend to make other people’s sin bigger and badder than our sin. This sin of Homosexuality is not greater sin than lying, stealing, complacency, being lukewarm, gossip and/or lazy christianity.

Once we begin to understand these biblical facts we can begin to love people where they are, just as we are loved where we are in ALL OF OUR SIN.

02 - Why is my son gay?

Gay is an individual decision. One can not answer why someone is gay, just as one can not answer why someone is a liar or a cheater. There are too many deciding factors that come into play to properly diagnose the issue outside of a trained counselor (which I am not). 

03 - Why did Jesus not speak about homosexuality in the new testament? How are we to respond to them as people?

Jesus didn’t speak about a lot of things in the New Testament, but it doesn’t make them less important, i.e.. How to raise a teenager, or how to properly fight with a spouse.

Our response should always be of love. Jesus did talk about loving others as we love ourselves.

How would this world be if we could actually look past other people’s sin like we look past our own sin? I believe it would be a different world.

Maybe we do not need to look past our own sin as much as we do.

04 - My son has declared himself to be transgender. How do I pray for him? Is praying for him to change selfish on my part? It’s been 2 years now and I’m losing faith in my son coming back.

I believe that we pray for true confession in the hearts of those we love. I also believe that there is no time limit as to when God will answer our prayers because He does not operate on our time schedule. I think you pray for your son as a parent often prays of their children. 

Example Prayer:

First forgive me where I have failed to be the parent my son has needed. May You keep him where he can grow in knowledge of You and become obedient to You through reading Your Word and doing Your will. I pray You will use my son to accomplish mighty and impossible things through the Holy Spirit. AMEN


It is a pleasure to answer these questions, May they bring a sense of how God is calling all of us to be, do and go. May we all learn how to better walk as Christ walked. And live a life worthy of the GOSPEL.

Derek Osburn