Diana Wood • Office Manager • diana@thevinecc.tv

Diana Wood • Office Manager • diana@thevinecc.tv

This whole ask me anything series is outside of my comfort zone and my box. The questions are so personal and heart felt. Who am I to answer any of them?

At The Vine, we have always stood firm on God’s word and truth He gives us. It is sometimes hard to hear and uncomfortable at times, however, I believe in doing this. Opening up the platform for questions gives us the opportunity to come together to grow, learn and strengthen our faith. I pray that through this blog and the rest to come that everyone can see what God has in store for all of us. I pray you all ask Him to show you what you need to get from this series.

The questions that I’m going try to answer myself are hard. This is not easy to talk about. In fact, it is it something everyone usually likes to steer clear of. All I can show is what the word has to say on it.

1.   What is the church’s stance on abortion? What does the church believe about when life begins?

2.   Are miscarriages/ stillbirths amongst true followers of God really only a result of disobedience?

3.   What does the church say about abortion? How does that fit in with Biblical stance on abortion? Is abortion unforgiveable? Am I going to hell if I’ve had an abortion? What if I’m married and my spouse doesn’t know? Will I ever heal? Now, I’ve had a miscarriage. Is this punishment?

1. The Vine Community Church and our stance on abortion, our beliefs, views and faith has always stood on the foundation of the word of God. So, I will let God’s word speak for the church.

The Bible doesn’t say anything specifically about abortion. The fact is you will never find that word in the bible. Abortion is a word this world has come up with. The bible does speak of several child conceptions. It tells us that God breathed life into us (our souls) Job 33:4. The fact that God knows us before we were born (Jeremiah 1:5) speaks to the fact that He views each conception as a human being created in his image. Psalm 139:13-19 tells us about God’s active role in creation and formation in the womb. God give us numerous accounts in the bible to show us that He created us, formed us, breathed life into us, and that we are a child (person) in the womb, Luke 1:36. This leaves us to with the truth of God’s word. Life is started at conception.

One of the most clear scriptures about how God feels on abortion is Jeremiah 20:17 taking the life of the unborn is clearly murder— He didn’t kill me in the womb, with my mother as my grave. There are several others that I could go through but what is the point when you read this? It is cut and dry, to the point. Does God see abortion as a sin? Yes. Is God a forgiving God to all sinners? Yes. The one thing that I want to say is that there are no greater sins. Romans 3:23 says we are all sinners. No one person is better than another, no matter the choices made in life. God views all as falling short of His glory. We are all in need of Christ’s grace, love and forgiveness.   

I hate that we as human beings put the weight on ourselves of the past decisions made. God loves you no matter what. God forgives all sins. Lying, deceit, abortion, un-forgiveness, he has it all and can take it all. There is nothing that you will tell God that He doesn’t already know. But you have to tell Him. This is a fallen world. God has given us free will to choose Him. God doe not cause bad things to happen to us but as a fallen world He tells us that there are going to be hard times. Miscarriage and stillbirths is one of the things that He is talking about with hard times. But does He do it as a punishment for things you have done in your life? NO. It is something that is allowed to happen because of the fall in the beginning with Adam and Eve (Genesis 1).

It is hard for me to speak into your marriage. I know that for myself, in the wrong choices I made before I met my husband, I knew that God was telling me, "you have to tell him before you marry him." Mine was not abortion but I still had made some really horrible decisions that would affect our marriage forever if I did not tell him about everything. God calls us to be honest and truthful. I believe that leaving things out or not saying anything is lying. The enemy will only takes this and drive a wedge between you and you spouse when you are dishonest about anything.

I want to end this with hopefully giving you some information that you may not have ever heard about. The Vine Community Church supports an organization in Clovis & Portales called The Pregnancy Resource Center. They are a faith-based organization that helps with pregnancy information and many other things. One of the things that I love that they have is grief groups and counseling for anyone. I believe in Revelation 12:11 we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the power of the testimony. When you are able to speak in God’s truth about your heartbreak and trails to enemy has no more power of that. I pray for you all to have the peace and understanding that only God can give you.

In Christ’s Love,