Derek Osburn • Lead Pastor •

Derek Osburn • Lead Pastor •

I heard someone say once that, “Las Vegas has nothing to say and every way to say it, and the Church has everything to say and no way to say it.”

As the church, we have spent all our time and energy on comfort and success and have yet to figure out how to reach the world in which we live.

“As long as I have my HOT coffee, GOOD donuts, and MY kids are having fun, then I am ready for worship. And once I get into the Worship service as long as it is a NICE temperature, the music is to MY liking, and the sermon is GOOD to my standards, then I can go home and enjoy MY week and MY family and MY friends.” 

All I can say to this is I am GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY.

Welcome to American Christianity. We have become so proficient at being proficient that even if the Holy Spirit were to move, we might just deny that it even happened for fear of having to explain ourselves to those who were not there when He moved. 

So, what do we do….

How do we do it….

What does it look like…..

Although there is no clear answer to these questions, I believe that it all begins with: 

    Us on our faces before GOD in Prayer. 

    Us gathering together in UNITY in Worship.

    Us teaching, instructing, and EQUIPPING for the work of the Lord. 

We do have our work cut out for us, but we can do these things through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Now, why the Church? Why would God choose us to do His work on earth?

Why us and how do we do Church in a way that draws people to Jesus?

Well, since we are charged to do these things, and since we are flawed, it will be difficult. It will look different because we are all different. 

I still believe we as the Church have everything to say, and since we have life, and since we are salt, and since we are light in darkness, then we keep shining, keep living, and keep seasoning our words and actions with Jesus. 

We will figure this out together. 

I am asking that everyone within our church feels a need to pray for this. Pray for the church to become what God Himself set it up to become.

Have a great week,