Diana Wood • Administrative Assistant • diana@thevinecc.tv

Diana Wood • Administrative Assistant • diana@thevinecc.tv

I remember as child every year in school, I would bring a shoebox to decorate with red and pink paper hearts and glitter. I would put my name on there big and bold. On Valentine’s Day everyone would come to school to hand out their cards they made for each other. This was before the new school everyone-in-the-class-has-to-get-one-from-you rule. You gave a card to the people that you were friends with, a teacher that you loved and, if you were brave, maybe the boy you liked. For me this was a time of self-worth testing. Did I get more cards than someone else? Does this person like me? I didn’t get one from someone I thought I would and was crushed thinking they must hate me.

I was always seeking approval and self-worth through others, thinking I was the only one that was a mess. This mindset carried over into my teenage and adult life.  When I gave my life to the Lord in my 20’s, things turned around for me. I finally got it! I was looking for value, love and encouragement in all of the wrong ways. God is the only one that can give you that. His unfailing love toward us is his amazing grace that he gives us daily.

I am still a mess daily and needed God daily, hourly, ok every second of the day!! But guess what, everyone else is a mess too. Comparing ourselves to others is only going to leave us feeling broken, unworthy and unloved. God designed us to lift each other up in prayer and come along side each other to help each other out. Through God we can overcome our messes!

Have you been wondering what TELL Tuesday and the Inspire conference in about? This, women telling their stories, victories and overcoming!!

They overcame by the blood of the lamb and by the power of their testimony.  Rev.12: 11

Please come join us this Saturday for the Inspire Women’s Conference and TELL Tuesdays, the 2nd Tuesday of each month.