Derek Osburn • Lead Pastor •

Derek Osburn • Lead Pastor •

What are you afraid of?

It really could be a number of different things all at once.

Maybe it is a fear of rejection because you where once rejected.

Maybe it is a fear of honesty because if you were honest it would cause pain in someone’s life.

Maybe it is a fear of being known for who you really are.

Children are very fearful. I remember that my older brother felt that it was his job to keep me fearful of things. 

It might have been the monster under the bed, or that I just needed to fear him.

Children seem to blow their fears out of proportion. For instance in the past my girls have been afraid of a fire in our home, or someone breaking into our home.

So when my girls get afraid of things that more than likely won’t happen I try and say something like, “Well then we better be afraid of that Elephant coming and sitting on our house.” Or “It might rain so much that our house will float.” And at that point my girls would say, “Dad, there are no elephants here”, or “Our house won’t float away.” then they would laugh. 

But when you think about it, adult do the same thing. We blow our fears out of proportion as well. And then we allow the fear in our lives to dictate everything around us from our thinking, words, and actions. 

This makes me consider how it makes God feel when we get paralyzed with fear in our life.

Maybe He is thinking, “Child, there is no way that would happen, and I know this because I know everything.”

I believe that the majority of the things we fear and/or worry about never come true.

So when fear sets in and you feel as though you can’t move…..

Take a step in the direction of God and allow Him to calm your fears.

Join us this Sunday for The F series. This Easter we are looking at some stories surrounding Jesus and how He helped people overcome things within their lives, just as He wants to do with us.

God bless,

Derek Osburn