Tyler Hicks • Family Pastor • tyler@thevinecc.tv

Tyler Hicks • Family Pastor • tyler@thevinecc.tv


I think this article is very helpful on this topic, so check it out!  https://www.gotquestions.org/purgatory.html

Why did God create Satan and allow him to live if he knew he was going to fall?

Great question.  We know God knows everything, has all power, and He loves us.  He has given us His word for everything we need to know for life and godliness.  I don’t like to speculate because that would just be my thoughts, and I believe it’s more important to know what God says in His word.  I found this helpful article on this exact issue, and it’s very biblical, so I hope you check it out!  


Why do good people who don’t sin get aids from a blood transfusion?

This question seems to be very specific, but I’ve heard a more general question that goes like this: “Why do bad things happen to good people.” And the short answer is: there are no good people.  Only Jesus is good. And that one good person (Jesus) died for all of us bad people in order to make us good in Him. He came to fix everything that is broken, reconciling us back to God and reconciling us to one another. Here is a helpful article that gives you more detail and Scripture:  https://gotquestions.org/bad-things-good-people.html

Does the church have plans to do another marriage conference anytime soon? Could a conference on spiritual intimacy in marriage be considered?

I don’t think we know this at this time. But yes, I suppose that topic could be considered.