It is never too early to begin pouring into our children, especially as they begin to grow in their understanding. They truly are sponges!

There are so many resources out there and it is a blessing, but it can be a little overwhelming. There are Children’s Bible/Devotionals that I have used and have been very helpful for a season! Sometimes, it is just getting a few and going back and forth, finding one that really clicks with your child and finishing it through. Then, picking up a new one and starting all over again! 

There are a few we have particularly enjoyed. “The Jesus Storybook Bible” and “Jesus Calling.” We have read through the Storybook Bible probably 4 times! I highly recommend it.

There are also some that have things to touch or pop-up pages, which helps them be more interested and brings more of their senses into the picture. That can help them remember material and be more focused while reading. It is really just looking and finding what you think they will like most! Buying many over time isn’t bad!

We typically do devotionals at bedtime. Just being consistent is important.

I believe one of the best ways to introduce your children, or ANY children in your life, to Jesus and encourage their growth in Him, is integrating Jesus and Bible into the daily routine! It is absolutely our responsibility to teach our children the Word, Bible stories and to introduce them to Jesus! Not the church, pastors or other people in the church.

When God first called me to homeschool my children, a dear friend taught me a valuable lesson, “to make the most out of every teachable moment.” That didn’t just apply to “knowledge” but to Jesus.

Throughout the day, based on different emotions or circumstances, saying things like, “God gave you a great smile. I am so glad that God picked me to be your mom or dad. Jesus got sad too. He understands. He had a friend that was sick (referring to Lazarus). What  does the Bible say about sharing?” Waking up and saying, “this is the day the Lord has made.” At bath time, “did you know Jesus walked on water! So did Peter!” Well, you get the picture. The opportunities are unending! 

Take what you read in your Bible, the things the Holy Spirit has taught you, and share it with them!

Yesterday, I was reading in James. Later on, my kids were talking about how excited they were to have something and I said the Bible says in James, “Every good and perfect gift is from the Father of heavenly lights who does not change as shifting shadows.” To show them scripture and how to thank Him for what they have.

I am not an expert. I make plenty of mistakes and don’t ALWAYS make the most out of every moment, which may result in a lost opportunity or maybe even result in me asking forgiveness for my impatience or unloving attitude.

I find the best way to share Jesus is just as you spend time with Him and in His Word. It will just outpour from you to your children and everyone else in your day to day life. You will reflect Him more and more, not perfectly, but pursuing faithfully to do so.

Be encouraged parents, mom, dad. You are doing a great job! Lean on Jesus, the Gospel and the Word. Then, everything else is a bi-product!

In His love,