“DISCIPLESHIP isn’t about becoming a better version OF YOU, it’s about becoming more like CHRIST.”

I found this quote on twitter. I believe that so often in our Christianity, we look for ways to improve upon ourselves and not become more Godly. We all want to be better. We want to be more. We want to have more. Yet, all the things that pull us toward these feelings can sometimes pull us away from Christ.

Discipleship is a hard sell in churches these days. How do we do it? How will it look? Sunday school verses small groups, small groups verses one-on-one time, accountability verses transparency, and on and on. We want better programs, more relevant books and more action towards Christ. And in all of this cloud of debate and uncertain theories, we find ourselves no better off than before.

If discipleship is working, then where are the disciples? Those disciples that make other disciples, those disciples that change the world, that go and do and would die for what they believe in, that know Christ and do His will? Where are they?

Discipleship will always be the single hardest thing in Christianity because it begs a person to “come follow me (Jesus)” and that is inconvenient. That is hard, that causes stress and it causes us to brace the unknown, to unleash the Holy Spirit in our lives. That is very hard and very scary.

Why is it hard and scary? Because we have not seen much of it in modern Christianity.

Better version OF YOU: This is a big fat lie. Although, it is a lie we live in.

Check this out:

Most people, Christian and/or Non-Christian want to:

Have more money

Lose weight

Get in Shape

Find Love

Keep Love

Have stronger marriage

Their children to be successful

Go on a better vacation or any vacation

And, we try and accomplish these things by being a better person.

Then, we disciple people to be a better them or try and make them like us because we feel we are better.

Guess what: It is not working out very well.

Discipleship is becoming more like CHRIST.

Because of this, it does not get accomplished.

I am not answering questions through this blog, just looking inside of the church and seeing what is taking place.

Let’s all ask ourselves some questions:

Who am I discipling? (Pouring more Christ into their life.)

Who is pouring Christ into my life?

How am I becoming more Christ-like?

How am I becoming a better me?

Have a great day,

Derek Osburn