The wonderful world of social media! We can stay connected more than ever before. We can see what our family and friends are doing even from great distances, watch children grow, share words of encouragement, give political stances, give our opinions, complaint, boast about our sports team and it can even serve as temporary soap boxes for the things we are most adamant about.

Do I do this? Yes. Will I continue? Yes. Here is an example of me doing this.

Aw, how cute, right?! I think this is how my status read:

“Timmy & Elora made a handprint wreath:)‪#‎fall

Here are a few things my status left out.

The curtains were shut as to not reveal my back yard that needed attention.

I made sure you couldn’t see the mess on the table from the craft in the photo.

Oh, did I mention Timmy burned his little finger on the hot glue gun?

We rushed the project slightly because there were other tasks requiring my attention.

My older sons got in an argument at some point that needed addressed.

I had to tell them to smile and move the wreath out from in front of their faces.

You see the one on the door? Well, it fell down about 2 minutes after I took the picture.

You get an entirely different perspective when you see the situation in its entirety.

We are all so guilty of using social media as our “highlight reel.” I’ve been thinking, is this pinterest perfect ideal beneficial?

I am not at all saying stop posting pictures of your cute kiddos, your great dress, date night, and dinner! Nor am I saying stop the statuses of quotes, encouragement and politics. Disclaimer: I will still post these things!

What I am saying is keep it real. Be honest. It is so much more of an encouragement to others when they see we don’t have it all together, than to present that we do. Not just on social media, but in life.

I had the opportunity to keep it real with a friend on Sunday by just talking and being honest about life and the difficulties that come with it. She messaged me later how thankful she was that I had been “relatable, honest and genuine.” She was encouraged that I was “real.”

The Bible is full of very real people that bared all so that God might be glorified. How encouraged would we be if all we ever knew of Abraham was his obedience not his adultery? Moses’ friendship with God and not his anger? David’s victories but not his murder? Peter as the rock without his denial?

They struggled, they were real and by them we are encouraged that our God is great enough to use us despite our dysfunction.

In Acts 16, Luke tells us of Paul & Silas. They were preaching the kingdom, praying, baptizing, and driving out demons. Now, that is a highlight reel! Notice though, Luke doesn’t leave out their capture, the fact that they were severely beaten and thrown in prison. He didn’t even leave out that they were stripped before they were beaten.

That is where we are encouraged, friends, when the difficulty comes, the pain, the sadness and even the embarrassment. If we can just be real in those circumstances, as horrible as the situation might be, then praise him through it, others see it. They hear it are encouraged and God is glorified!

Keep it real!