This past Sunday, May 3, an awesome event took place that most of you that are reading this are well aware of and even participated in. We held our first worship service in the sanctuary of an existing—yet very small— congregation that had actually invited us to use their building, drastically remodel the sanctuary, turn children’s rooms into offices and empty out and refurbish an unused portion of their building! This meant that a congregation that was averaging around 20 was now welcoming over 400 adults and children into their building. And, we’re not the only ones they’ve welcomed; there is also a small Spanish-speaking group that uses other parts of the building. So, this decades-old building is now home to three different churches and they are very happy about it—as are we!

What a picture of cooperation and unity within the Body of Christ! It is something that you just don’t hear happening very often among Christians, yet it’s happening in Clovis, New Mexico!

As I’ve reflected on this during long hours of painting and hauling pews out of the sanctuary or to someone’s home, I have marveled at the “out- of-the-box” thinking of this small group of older Christians and at their willingness to be risk-takers. Allowing a church of over 400 to come and share their building is a huge step of faith and a very forward-looking venture!

This is exactly the kind of action that Dr. Ron Phillips of Abba’s House (formerly known as Central Baptist Church) in Chattanooga, TN, wrote about in his book, A God-Sized Future. The subtitle of the book perfectly describes what the small congregation of Central Christian Church did: Move out of your comfort zone, embrace change, and discover a new vision for your life! 

Does any of that describe what is needed in your life? God is pleased when you and I are willing to step out of our comfort zones—or, as Simon Peter did, to step out of the boat onto the water—and embrace change in our lives. It may seem radical to others, and it might be scary, but it is often the recipe for experiencing the new vision that God has in mind for our lives.

May the small but adventurous congregation of Central Christian Church inspire you to take the steps of faith that you need to take in your life today!

Dan Brown

Associate Pastor