It’s Christmas Day, the end of Christmas Day, actually. I am in Carlsbad, NM & I am in bed…sick. I have been sick since Monday & do not feel any better.

I have spent nearly every day sick in bed. Some of my work duties have fallen by the wayside, I have been unfocused and unsocial. My family has tried to be helpful but also stay away from me at the same time. (I don’t blame them. This stuff is nasty.)

As I was getting ready for bed, a thought occurred to me. I have not been bed-ridden sick in nearly a year. Sure, I haven’t felt well some days but I’ve always been able to keep going. No one in my immediate, or even secondary, family is plagued with a debilitating or life-threatening illness.

I have it good!

And then, I thanked God for mine & my family’s health. And, I became disappointed in myself for not saying it before I was sick.

We spend too many of our days on the run, not realizing the true blessings in our life. We only notice them when they fall apart! It’s like stubbing your pinky toe. Don’t ever think about it until you kick something. But, have you thanked God that you have all your limbs?

I know this is a “normal” type of blog, a lesson we’ve all heard a billion times & there are ten billion Bible verses I could quote on thankfulness but sometimes, I think we just need to be reminded.

So, Christmas is practically over & the new year will be here before before you know it!

Stop. Right now. And take a moment to think of the things you haven’t thanked Him for & give thanks.

I know I am.