I was thinking this week about the beginning of Fall and thinking about how all of us are pretty locked into our schedules and routines of life. Because of this, we tend to get busy and push away things from day to day that are very important.

I am reminded of a recent situation in my life where I was so busy, I totally forgot about a previous obligation I had, all because I was not paying attention to my own calendar. I felt really embarrassed because I let someone down. It is all right to make a mistake, although we should always learn from them and move on, doing things better.

I want to tell you that I am praying for you as God places you on my heart and mind. There is not a day that goes by that I am not thinking and praying for those God has brought into this church. We must never get too busy to be available for God to use us in someone else’s life. I believe that all of us are placed where we are for a reason. I cannot wait to see what God wants to do with His people in regards to His plan. May we all understand His calling on our lives and speak into each other’s lives with conviction and encouragement.

Having said all of these things, I want all of us to be challenged to really step out and get involved in community, both within and outside the church. God has specific plans for each of us and He wants us to do life together. In the busyness of life, my prayer is that we would all take time to slow down and do exactly what God is asking of us. It will be hard, it will be uncomfortable, it will be awkward, yet rewarding in our faith. Take some time this week and evaluate the things you are doing and the reason you are doing them, and then pray to God to guide you in those things as you continue them or get rid of them to make room for what He wants from you.

This church is here to encourage you as you make changes and draw closer to God. May we find our purpose together and serve each other as we do life together.

Love you,