So, we start a new series this weekend – any guesses??? HASHTAG.

If you’ve spent ANY time on social media, you’ve seen hashtags. Maybe you use them, maybe you don’t. (If the response to the #Nametheband request this week is any indication, you don’t use hashtags at all!! C’mon people!) 

My wife asked me this week what hashtags are, and I found myself struggling to explain them to her… “Well, uhhhmmmm, they are ways that you can search for…but…actually, you can group all like-minded stuff…but then you can look at stuff in one place…aw, forget it.”

So after I had my wife completely lost, I finally figured it out. Hashtags are a way to take your social life (pictures, comments, whatever else you post) and connect it to others, like an announcement, as a way of identifying with other people that are interested or like-minded. Make sense?

Are you asleep yet?

Think of it this way – hashtags are a bit like church. A way of connecting yourself to others that identify the same way or search for the same thing. Problem is…for both hashtags and church, it’s primarily about ourselves.

We hashtag for ourselves.

Makes it easy for us to put ourselves out there for others to see. Keeps all your social life tidy and neat. Basically, hashtags are for our benefit more than for the benefit of others.

Church can be a lot the same. Admit it, even at a mission-minded place like The Vine, there are still a big bunch of us for whom church is what we get out of it, not what we put in.

Kind of like hashtags.

So, maybe this sermon series will be more for us than just a cool way to associate social media with our faith. Maybe it will be a way to really, actually make our lives about others and not just about ourselves.