How often do we tell ourselves, “this is not what I want to do with my life, I don’t want to do this right now, I’m not in the mood, I’m just not passionate about this”?

Maybe you’re the student waiting tables but you’re really “passionate” about being an actress or musician. Maybe you’re working a strenuous job you despise but your “passion” is to own your own business. Maybe you’re sitting in your chair at church but your “passion” is to preach. Maybe you’re or on your couch at home because you’re not “passionate” about any of the volunteer opportunities that come your way. Maybe you’re just not “passionate” about your spouse any more. Maybe you don’t even know what you’re “passionate” about.

Many of us want do something we love. We’re told at a young age that we can do whatever we desire to do. Whatever you’re “passionate” about, do it.

Many of us are passionate about something but we have no drive to take the steps to make it happen. We want the glamour of what the people we see are doing but not the behind the scenes mess. And, many times, even if we do take those steps, we’ll never make it. You can take all the necessary steps to become the next Michael Jordan but, let’s be real, the likelihood of that is slim-to-none, especially if you’re under 7′ tall.

How many times have we seen people on shows like Shark Tank say, “but this is my passion,” only for the Sharks turn around and say “but it’s not working!”

Seriously, how many of us walk into church or work or school each day and think “I’m so ready for this! I love this! I’m passionate about this!” I don’t know about you, but even having a job I love, working for a church I love, serving a God I love, married to a guy I love, there are still days when I just don’t feel passionate about any of it. But this is where God has called me and in each of these situations, there is opportunity. And, if we’ll take advantage of opportunities and work hard, even when we don’t feel like it, passion will follow.

Below is a 3-minute video from Entrepreneur. Mike Rowe, best known for his show Dirty Jobs, is a pretty cool and intelligent guy if you ask me. He addresses passion v. opportunity. He explains this a lot better than I do. Give it a watch.

– Whitney