Too many times we do not engage our culture (Neighborhood, Workplace, Wal-Mart, Gas Station, School) because we have worked to hard to build up for ourselves this life of protection. Well, I believe that God need us to engage, I believe this because I know that He is our protection and because of this He needs fro us to go out from our comfort and engage those around us. This video speaks of the way one person looks at the art of engaging culture. I believe as a church we must learn how to do this so that we can make a difference for Christ in our community. When we realize how and the why, then we can propell the Gospel which is our primary function as Christ-Followers. I pray that we all look inside and change our ways. The goal is still the same: “Go and Make Disciples”. Most of us change our goals to satisfy ourselves instead of changing our actions to satisfy GOD. Let’s all think on these things throughout our week and look at where we have set up walls instead of built bridges to connect with people.

God bless,