This part doesn’t need much explanation. . .We have three children, 8, 5, and 3.  Life is a circus! 

Risa continues to be a passionate reader and ballerina with a very strong, independent spirit.  Micah is the middle child. . .protector, sensitive to others’ feelings (and his own), easy-going in just about any situation, and a fireball when it comes to anything physical, (taekwondo and soccer being his first loves, but stunt-man seeming inevitable).  Jace has recently become very expressive and keeps us laughing; he’s a problem-solver and doesn’t let much get by him. 

All three have adjusted well to life here in Nicaragua.   They now speak Nicaraguan Spanish, dropping the “s” at the end of their words and using local slang.  They are all doing well in school and have friends wherever they go.  We just wish we could bring all our friends and family along!

One of the best parts of this year so far has been having Uncle Josh staying with us.  He made the brave move of quitting his corporate job to seek out something more meaningful, and he has made life so much more fun!  He’s taken care of the kids every Friday so Joey and I could have date night, and he’s introduced chicken and waffles to our Sunday night “Breakfast for Dinner” tradition with friends.  He’s also been serving as a project coordinator for work teams at the camp, and our whole community will miss him when he heads back to the States in September.

Joey and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary in March, and, after getting over the initial stressors of moving here, we are beginning to enjoy life together more.  For Nicaraguan Mother’s Day, (which is bigger than Christmas here), Joey completely surprised me with a ticket to the Dominican Republic.  I was able to be there for two graduations, a memorial service, a baby dedication, and to say good-bye to a number of precious friends that are moving back to different parts of the U.S..  I also got to watch Rosmery, (who is like a daughter to us), try on my wedding dress for the first time.  She gets married this Friday, and although we are sad not to be there, it is so fun to know she has that, (and it fit her without needing a stitch of alteration)!  We will be returning to the D.R. as a family for the first time this December when we go for Yanery’s wedding, (another honorary daughter).  I will be her “madrina”, and Risa is ecstatic about getting to be her flower girl.  Then we will head to the U.S. for a few weeks in January.

In the meantime, we are thrilled that Joey’s brother and family just moved with the Airforce to Teguicigalpa, Honduras, and we hope to visit.  (We’re just five hours away by bus!)  We also have guests galore coming through our house, and so “family” for us continues to have a very broad meaning.  We’ve had a friend from Fredericksburg for 10 days, a friend from Dallas for a week, interns from camp off and on, and we are looking forward to a group of guys from Victoria, TX, Joey’s parents, my Dad, some friends from Colorado, and another dear couple from Washington coming at different times from August through the end of October.  If your name isn’t on that list. . .what are you waiting for?  :)