Hello everyone! I made it to Belize safely and have survived the first 24 hours at the home. Thank you for your prayers! I have felt them. This place brings a whirlwind of emotions and feelings. It is the most wonderful and yet the hardest thing I’ve ever done. For those of you who have been here, you know exactly what I mean. For those of you who haven’t, YOU NEED TO COME. It is indescribable! I spent today in the nursery taking care of 10 kids under the age of four. Talk about a challenge. To all the parents, I have so much respect for you. Your job is highly difficult. The kids were a handful, but they are so sweet and funny. I got lots of cuddles and love. One of the babies was so tired this afternoon he fell asleep mid-crawl right in the middle of the floor. It was so precious! Please continue praying :)

Love y’all!