When blog time comes around, there are always a bunch of things floating around in my head but one of my most recent experiences is what I’d like to write about today. This experience some may have thought to be very sad but others a “celebration”. To me it was a beautiful day.

What did this day look like? A bunch of people gathered in a church. All had a connection, even though some had never met. Some had never met the person that was being celebrated. Some were young and some were old. Some had gone to church their whole lives. Some had never been in this place before. Yet, there we were together, bound by love. Love for a beautiful family, there to celebrate the life of their mother and wife.

All of the grown children spoke fondly of their “Momma”. Each time, I heard their sorrow, yet their grateful hearts for all she had taught them in word and deed. How she told them of her Heavenly Father, of His great gift of His Son Jesus, who gave His life that we might be rescued, how she played wonderful music of all types filling their home with joy, how she cooked and they shared meals together and about her “corny” jokes and great sense of humor.

Then, her husband spoke. He praised her for her godliness, for her teaching their children scripture and for the great love they shared.

The children led the rest of us that day in worshipping God; the one true God, who walks with us in the good times and the sorrowful.

This day celebrated the life of Kim Mariano, our dear friend Rachel Calloway’s momma. If you know Rachel, she is a beautiful reflection of her beautiful momma.

This was a beautiful day, forever on my heart. All God intends for our lives to be, lives that glorify Him.

Please pray for our dear friends Rachel and Cole as they go through the grieving process.

Romans 12:9-21 Title “Marks of a True Christian”. I often find myself asking, “God how should I live?” and He really spells it out in His word. The problem is I often let other things influence my thinking or distract me. As God’s children, the church family may we seek Him with all our hearts. It is my desire to leave a legacy for Christ as Kim did.

With love for the Mariano Family,

Cole and Rachel, thank you for sharing your lives with us!