What does it mean to truly worship God?  Is it going to church once a week and singing (or mumbling) the songs the worship leader is singing that Sunday?  Is it something we do in order to feel His spirit so we can feel good about ourselves?  Does worship end when the worship service ends?  Most of us know the real answers to these questions, but at some point haven’t we all, including myself, been guilty of “worshiping” God in this way?

Maybe to get a better understanding of worship we need a better understanding of who God is and as a result understand who Christ is.  When we ask ourselves why we worship, any 12 year old who has been in sunday school long enough will answer, “…because of His love for us, Jesus died on the cross for our sins,” but David Platt explains in his book Radical that this picture of Christ is inadequate.  In this picture we see Romans falsely try Jesus, strip Him of His clothes, torture and humiliate Him, and finally drive nails through his hands onto a wooden cross.  As disturbing of a picture this is, it is still not enough to save us from all of our disturbing sins.  

As a culture, this is where our understanding of Christ’s sacrifice ends.  Platt tells us to picture Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before His crucifixion as he kneels in agony before God.  Christ is not scared of death or of the pain that is about to befall Him.  How many examples are there of men who were tortured and even died because of their proclamation of God, most of which were rejoicing and singing songs of praise as they were being beheaded, skinned alive, and crucified.  Singing?!  Everyone knows that these men were not more courageous than Christ.  Christ’s agony in the garden stems from the hatred of sins that God has built up since the Garden of Eden being pour on His son.  This is the true sacrifice that Christ gave to us.

So lets go even further into why God made this sacrifice.  Did Christ fall for our sins for our sake?  This is another grave misunderstanding.   God poured all sins since the beginning of our existence on His son for His own glory.  

Now we return to our original question of what worship is.  Simply put we worship God to give Him glory for His sake, however I feel a lot of times we worship Him for our own sake.  In addition, worship doesn’t end on Sunday when we walk out of the doors of the church but continues on everyday of our lives in the way we live.  Are we exemplifying God’s name at work, with our friends, in our cars, at the ordering window at lunch, or even at home?  We all struggle with this and should pray continually for His spirit to be with so we are constantly reminded to give Him glory in everything we do.  Singing to Him on Sunday is important and is a time to prepare our hearts to receive His word, but lets go out into the world and show everyone the glory of God!!!  I love you all!!