Summer is here, and everyone is planning and traveling and coming and going. In the midst of all of this it can be hard to slow down and focus on what God might be speaking to you about. We all need to become intentional with Him, our spouse, family, and friends. We need to take moments to reflect and allow God to speak into our life with words of wisdom and comfort. Throughout this summer we will be in the book of James. So if you are gone and back and gone again, the best way to keep up with what the church is doing is to read the book of James. When we give God opportunity to speak we usually walk away full, and not empty handed. I urge you to focus, and be intentional this Summer. I pray that all of us would take a step back and allow God to provide a way to speak into our lives so we know what purpose God as for us.

I ran across this idea on Monday as I was looking around the web.

The Idea of an Arrow.

Before God can use you or propel you with the gospel, you must be drawn back like an arrow is drawn back before it is shot.

Sometimes we may feel like we are not moving forward with what God has for us, the truth may be that we are being drawn back to take flight.

I pray for all of you throughout the week as God lays people on my heart. I pray that everyone has a great summer and I will see all of you around.

God bless,

Derek Osburn