*We asked our congregation to submit questions for Derek to answer in our series "Ask Me Anything". Some were answered on Sunday morning, some are answered here in our blog.

How does Science mix with Christianity?

In an amazing way, Creationism is scientific. Although science, without creation, does not mix with Christianity at all. Every one of us must decide for ourselves what we are to believe and then make sure it fits with everything else we believe about God and the bible. Unfortunately, most of the time, science is out to disprove the biblical view of creation and science.

A biblical scientific belief is hard, not because of proof, but because of non-biblical scientific agenda to disprove the bible.

In my opinion, a healthy biblical view of science will hold up anywhere.

I believe that we are not to be argumentative about our beliefs at all in regards to anything biblical and/or scientific.

We are to gain knowledge for teaching and instruction, for ourselves and others who are eager to learn.

So, what’s up with the dinosaurs? Is science wrong in speculating that they existed millions of years before man?

I want to start by stating that there is no proof biblically that dinosaur’s existed nor is there any proof that they did not exist. So, first and foremost, we need to agree that this issue was not important enough to make it into the bible so it is not necessary to agree or disagree. Having said that, I am always up for a good discussion on all things related to dinosaurs.

I am a believer that science is not perfect and speculating an age of something in the ground is, at best, a guess.

Whether or not they existed before man or with man is all up for debate, as well as exactly how old they truly are.

I do have my own belief about dinosaurs and would love to discuss this belief with anyone, but again this is not necessarily something that we have to nail down and know so they we may live the Christian life we were meant to life.