Ok here goes,

After Sunday’s sermon I have been in several conversations about the difference in being Judgmental and being an authentic Christ-follower. I realize there are times when Christ-followers may come across as getting into someone else’s business and other times it seems as though it is OK. I tend to believe that when I pray and God places someone on my mind to talk to about whatever, then I must act on it. If God is telling me to confront someone in their sin I must do it in a way to build up the person and not tear them down. This has always proved difficult, but necessary. My recommendation to you is to not tolerate sin, but lovingly help and talk to the one God has placed in your path in a way that is edifying and encouraging. As a Christ-follower we have an obligation to carry the gospel everywhere. And as we all know “Darkness notices the light”. As we continue through the book of James I find it very interesting that it gets harder and harder to deal with and it gets more in my face as I struggle with what to say from the pulpit. I am excited about what God is doing and the conversations that are happening because of this study. I just want to encourage everyone to be light, do not tolerate sin, but please above everything else put on love as you talk with people.

I hope you have a great week,

God bless you,