Upon arriving at a friend’s house for a party, I found myself looking for meaningful conversation. I really didn’t care what the conversation was about, but I did want for it to make a difference and be personal and worthwhile. Do you ever get the sense that God just wants us to be real with each other? To share life, to share fun, to share struggle? Having fellowship with others is a great opportunity to be missional and yet real. When I open myself up to conversation I open myself up to someone’s life. I gain knowledge about who they are, where they are from and, ultimately, what makes them tick.

As Christians, we should gravitate towards this lifestyle. We should make time to have fellowship and authentic relationships. We should push for laughter and building deeper relationships with each other and new people. Too often, we make excuses, such as schedules, bedtimes, projects, and the pursuit of success, instead of just allowing God to move through our lives and the lives of others so that our lives collide. And, then, in an instant, provide us time to slow down and learn from others. Most of the time our schedules are so full that to do anything else in our lives, something else has to give. We must carve out intentional time for even the worthiest of activities. Usually in life, things do not get done because when we hit the pillow at night, we are so exhausted from the day filled with meaningless activities. Even if we needed to do something, we could not muster up the strength to do anything else, regardless of it’s importance.

In reality, anything I feel that would be a great time for myself, wife, and or children takes me saying no to something scheduled and yes to something new on the radar screen. Too often, I default into “My Life” mode and I just push on towards this journey that is self-perpetuating without any concern for others. But I must ask myself this question, “Does God want this of me, or is this what I want?” Looking into scripture, I find that God wants me to build continuous relationships with others so that He can be seen and known. 

To let you in on the rest of my story, I did find conversation at the party, and it was great. Not only did I share some of my life stories, I got to know others in a more authentic way. And to think, we almost didn’t go because of our schedule.

I pray that God would move you into more authentic conversations and relationship this week. I hope that you can carve out time to do something meaningful.

Have a good week,

Derek Osburn