Walking with God… wow it still takes my breath away…my walk is still so very young (September 2008).  If you had asked me before God gave me a glimpse of what His Grace meant I’d have told you with all sincerity that my fate was sealed, my place in hell secure my name in neon lights and a bullhorn calling out my name.  That’s how sure I was that God wouldn’t want anything to do with me…and then on that fall day when I was at the end of my rope and knew there had to be another way I cried out for help and heard his voice asking me to talk to him.  He wanted me to lie facedown before him and verbally confess to him all the things that I thought were to big for him to forgive…and I did.  It wasn’t pretty and it was painful and I left nothing out, and in my empty brokenness I felt Him.  I felt His grace flow over me and inside of me unlike anything I’d ever known…. and he whispered to me that I was his and would always be his and my walk began.  Just me and my amazing Father… often I would put myself down, not knowledgeable enough in the Bible, experienced enough, good enough.  Who am I to question Gods plan, intention when he asks me to do something for Him?!  I’m amazed still that he does want me, that he sees someone beautiful, capable and strong…. willing with Faith in Him!

Last week this question was asked?  Where have you placed your Faith?  Do you have a….

  • STRONG faith in a WEAK savior? You place much confidence and trust in your own abilities or in others to guide and lead you.
  • WEAK faith in a STRONG savior?  Know you will never be perfect and doubt yourself but remain focused and steadfast in Jesus for your direction/guidance.

As a young Christian I have found that I relied more on the direction of others than focusing on what God was showing me…yet God has remained faithful and steadfast in challenging me to believe in what he sees in me.  My favorite verse is: 

For God did not give ME a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.

2 Timothy 1:7

We are all unique not meant to be the same.  HE is what links us…OUR passion for HIM…. OUR teaching of HIM…OUR LIVING FOR HIM!  God did not intend for me to emulate anyone else or to be like him or her.  My love and passion for Him are mine just like my past is uniquely mine…

To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, 

that you should follow in HIS steps.

1 Peter 2:21

I am not a PERFECT example but a LIVING example!  My walk with God is my own, no one can interfere unless I let them, just as it is my fault when I falter or do not seek help.  My walk with God is my blessing, joy and responsibility.  

My prayer is that we all walk with God with reckless abandonment…Love Him with all you are in your way…for all He has done!