This piece is about how God brings about peace & purpose

But before, God usually will disturb us

Where do your thoughts go to, if God said to you:

I want to come in and disturb your life, to transform it, so heed My advice

See, God’s grace is sufficient, but is our faith deficient?

Is the thought of this disturbance too immense, do we automatically put up a fence?

The wall of excuses as a defense

Would He be well received, invited in since it’s to Christ we cleave

With confident faith, because we trust and believe

or are we reluctant, hesitant, viewing this, as only something to grieve?

So, would we be, receptive to experience and see, or just ready to leave?

Don’t be naïve, don’t be deceived,

a God disturbance should be welcomed and well received,

If we negatively answer: God don’t disturb, stop knocking at my heart, it’s not a drum

An infection deadly as cancer, this is when our hearts start to get hard and numb

God calls us out, and brings to light what we are all about, from sin to doubt

He prompts us to pick up and Read HIS Word

But some of us respond with, God, do not disturb

He urges us to put into practice what we’ve heard and Serve

And again some respond: God, do not disturb

I know we all have our own plans and dreams, our own goals and schemes

Different roles and themes, but it seems, most are misled by the American dream

These parts we play, the hopes we have, what do they really convey?

Is it self-centeredness put on display, money making materialism, are we being led astray?

Or do our lives portray, a sincere faith following God’s grace, loyal not to betray?

We get busy, preoccupied, and engaged, not listening to God who wants to invade

Interrupt, our life with aim although some have strayed, God wants to give us aid

But we must lay down our life for the free upgrade, since the ultimate price has been paid

God is all about divine disruption, a collision with truth, which demands interruption

An abrupt stop to assess, life put to the test, blessed or a mess, a real examination,

Either faithful and true, or just like Judas you do this, superficial scam manipulation

What will God say about you?

Where is our aim?  Are we just playing some church game?

Are we fanning into flame, the gift of God, proclaiming Jesus’ name

Who came, to save and strip us of our sin and shame?

I know for some Christ is just like an insurance claim

The card you pull out to help pay and restore the damage

Only to put Him away when you’re back in the game

This is deceitful corruption, covered with a bogus bandage

When we want to hear from God do we respond obediently

Or do we immediately, freeze with refuses and excuses

To justify, our resistant reply, obeying verses rebelling,

Our choice to be counted as faithful or a felon

Is our confession of Christ diminished by how we live, do we seek to grow and give

We may call ourselves Christian, but when it comes to Christ

Do we truly even listen, is He Lord of our life, or is He just a name we mention?

He wants an intervention; He wants to disturb us, to give us life with purpose

This may make some feel nervous, but we can trust His intentions

Because He promises He will preserve us, so let me get your attention, Christian

We are commanded to love God and to love our neighbor

Without showing any partiality or favor, We are to be God imitators,

We are called out to represent our Savior, reflecting Christ-like behavior

This isn’t an option, Christian, there’s no such thing as a Great Commission wavier

No dismissal excuse to shrink back, be lax, lukewarm, sway or waver

My prayer for us, is to care enough, with passion and pursuit even when times get rough

To expect God to come in and interrupt, to desire God to descend and disrupt

And for us not to fuss, because He created us, from the dust

So who are we to refuse, or try to bow out with an excuse?

He is King of the Jews, and as a confessing Christian, the King of me and you

So it should be our joy to follow though, and pursue what He calls us to do

He what’s to intervene in our lives for His glorious cause,

To clean and use us, regardless of our weakness or flaws

But like I said before, we hang this note on our door, do not disturb,

Despite what’s been brought to light, what we’ve heard in His Word

In grace and truth our excuses should be nevermore,

Because our sins have been washed away forevermore

Dear Lord, disturb us, to live out our faith with fear and conviction

Disturb us, so we don’t live in hypocritical contradiction

Dear Lord disturb our life and shake it up, Filter out what’s corrupt

We’ve all been spiritually bankrupt, and in need of You to fill our cup

So God please, come and interrupt, Intervene and make us clean

We want hearts that are after Your own, but we can’t do it alone, we must keep seeking Your throne

As we plead and cry out with a groan, face down in the prone, Lord please come and atone

This earth is not our home, we await the new heaven and earth where the righteous roam

But for now help us to step out of our comfort zone, so that Your glory can be shown

As we reflect the love of Jesus to be known

Is His glory what we seek, is there passion for Christ when we speak, If so say with me

Lord disturb us, yes come test and purge us, we lay our lives down for Your purpose

Let our hearts no longer say:

Do Not Disturb, Do not disturb

But rather, Lord, reign in me today

Come move in me in a new and mighty way

Come Lord disturb us, Yes, Lord, disturb us

written by Rocky LaPrade

Watch the video of Rocky reading this spoken word: