Christmas has arrived, even before Thanksgiving is here. It is like Thanksgiving didn’t even have a fighting chance before Christmas over took the spotlight. Christmas is the biggest event, holiday, and even day of the year. When the word Christmas is mentioned, all of us start thinking of different things this day means to us and what we need to do to get ready for it. Our society has grasped this and taken what it truly is meant for and turned it into something it is not. Our Christmas has been Hijacked. Christmas is nearly unrecognizable as a Christian celebration, apart from a Christmas Eve service and a half-hearted reading of Luke chapter 2 on Christmas Eve. As a cure, we need to be about proclaiming Christmas for what it is. We should be about educating our children, family, friends, co-workers and all who are in our circle of influence on what Christmas is really about. Basically, we need to take Christmas back.

When something is hijacked, it is taken and you loose control. When something is hijacked, you have been take by force against your will, and you have no choice.

When it comes to Christmas, you may be thinking “My Christmas hasn’t been hijacked”, when in actuality it has been.


01- If you feel as though you must have the perfect meal for your family and friends.

02- If you feel as though you must spend as much money as possible on gifts that others will remember.

03- If you feel as though you must tolerate the over-the-top worship of everything not Christ at Christmas.

What has happened can best be described as a slow fade. This has not happened over night but in a continual pushing everything of Christ out of Christmas. We are the frog in water being slowly boiled to death.

My prayer for us as a church is to:

slow down – enjoy the season, family, and friends

Re-evaluate – Why are you doing what you are doing?

Focus – on Christ

Celebrate – every chance you get with the ones you love

Merry Christmas

Lead Pastor

Derek Osburn