“…and the LORD remembered her.” 1 Samuel 1:19b

I have always loved children. Even when I was a child I loved children. Elementary school was one of my most favorite times of life, and my heart still warms when I think of those days. I have known from early on that I wanted to be a momma. When people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say things people say, like career-y things (not that being a mom isn’t a career), but in my heart what I wanted more than those things was to be a momma. I wanted to be just like my momma, and she was a momma, so I wanted to be a momma. I wanted to make birthday cakes and mend dresses and tie shoes and clean cuts and kiss booboos and have music time and teach my children what it means to follow Christ.

In the beginning of college, after a series of other things, the doctors I had been seeing informed me that children of my own would probably not be an option. After much grieving, feeling sorry for myself, and several stages of sinful bitterness, I shook my shoulders, told my God that I was sorry, and laid my burden at the foot of the cross. God graciously brought me to a wonderful place of contentment in him. I knew that, regardless of what science said, if God wanted me to have a child, I would have a child. If he didn’t, I wouldn’t. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

What I have come to realize is that God has always been blessing me with children. I have 3 sweet nephews whom I adore. I have my cousins. I have my siblings-in-law. I have friends with children. And now I have the King’s kids. I am OVERWHELMED by children :) God said to me, “I have not forgotten you. I know the desires of your heart. I know you love little humans. Enjoy their company :)”

Cole and I had discussed in the past what we would do if we got pregnant. We decided we would wait until the first trimester to say anything because there could be complications. This weekend we decided that waiting, for Cole and I personally, is us not glorifying God. Waiting, for Cole and I personally, is us not trusting Him. So, with one month left to go in our first trimester, it is with happy, happy, happy hearts that we inform you, friends, we are having a baby :) We trust our Father with the life of our child, and we ask you to please, please pray for us. All three of us. Cole and I would love to keep this baby. Please pray that God’s will be done, whatever it is, and that he would always be glorified in our lives. We love you, Family!!!

- Rachel

P.S. This means we’re coming back the beginning of July!