This week we had the privilege to attend a christian concert at a prison! As I looked around at the prisoners in the auditorium I was struck by their worship. Although some were disinterested and unengaged, many were singing from their hearts, and by the end of the concert the majority of the prisoners had moved to the stage to pray and seek God. 

It doesn’t make sense for prisoners to have hope. It doesn’t make sense for prisoners to experience freedom. Yet hope and freedom are exactly what I saw those prisoners rejoicing in. This is exactly what the precious blood of the Lamb affords us! Total freedom from what we’ve done and who we have been. God takes what we once were and trades it for his righteousness. Prisoners freed and dressed in righteousness!!! That’s what they were and that’s what we could all be. 

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are any better than those prisoners. Maybe you never broke any of your country’s laws (although you probably just didn’t get caught), but we have all broken God’s Laws, and without accepting God’s free gift of salvation we will be held responsible. 

Just as those prisoners were spiritually free, you can be “free” but spiritually imprisoned. Don’t be! It doesn’t make sense! He’s broken every chain, He’s ripped open the cell bars, He’s paid your fine in full! You just have to walk out in faith…

– Cole & Rachel