Hello All! 

A month in Belize, seeing our amazing God at work, has been absolutely amazing. Everyday I experience Him in new ways and my life is being completely transformed by His grace. 

There have certainly been times that I’ve been overwhelmed and times that I’ve been discouraged, but God has given me a secret weapon and a holy blessing that enables me to endure: my wife! She gives me strength when I’m sooo tired and courage when I’m frightened by the unknown. It quite simply takes her to make all of me.

By no means am I trying to turn my wife into an idol or make her out to be some perfect person, but God has designed marriage in such a way that, when dedicated to Him, it reflects and reveals His great love for us. It is not the life giving water of Christ itself but it is well from which I drink the life giving water. Thank you God for knowing I am far too weak to go on this journey alone and for giving me such a godly wife that reminds me everyday of your love and grace. 

Prayer Requests

1. A boy at the home recently lost his mother. Please pray for God to fill his life and comfort him in his sorrow. 

2. God’s guidance and providence in our lives and ministry.

- Cole

Belizian Fun Fact: While football (soccer) is still the country’s most popular sport, many are starting to become avid basketball players! And our boys at the home are GOOD!!