“Set your church on fire! Win this nation back! Change the atmosphere! Build your kingdom here we pray!”

The words from Rend Collective’s “Build Your Kingdom Here” have been on repeat in my heart and mind since we found out we were moving here. I think the honeymoon phase of our trip is slowly, but obviously, closing its lovely lace curtains. This week has been the most trying of the three. It will be weeks like these in the coming months that make Cole and me sit back and think, “Why are we here?” What I have learned, and will continue to be reminded, is that God’s will is nowhere near dependent on me. If I am willing, he will use me. If I am not willing, he will use someone else. My flesh desires to be entitled, to think that I play some important role in being here. I don’t. Christ in me does. When the cup called “Rachel” dumps out the filthy, contaminated water it carries, there is room for Christ’s clean, crisp, cool, purified water to fill it up so much that it overflows out of the cup and into other cups. But the nasty water MUST be gone. I desire so much to be rid of every drop of contaminated water and filled with the refreshing character of Christ.

And speaking of contamination, I got a vicious stomach bug this week, and now Cole is catching a throat thing that seems very strep-y! Lesson: whatever sickness the kids get, we will get. Sharing is caring!

In case you’d like to know, this is shaping out to be our weekly schedule at KCH:

5:00 – Lead morning devotional on Mondays and Wednesdays

6:00 – Help serve breakfast on Mondays and Wednesdays

7:00 – Supervise until the kids leave for school

7:30 – Bye kids!

8:00 – Rachel on reception desk duty

10:00 – Rest

11:30 – Take lunch to the kids in Belmopan/Run errands with Mike

2:00 – Cole on reception desk duty

4:00 – Kids come home/Mentally prepare for the war that is “Homework Time”

4:30 – Homework time. The death of us all.

6:00 – Help serve supper

7:00 – Supervise and sometimes play music for devotional

7:30/8:00 – Choir practice

8:30 – Shew the kids to their rooms for bed

Prayer requests:

1. Mom (Leonie) would like for us to meet with the older boys and girls separately for a more intimate bible study. Please pray that we will be able to figure out when to do that during the day.

2. That Cole’s throat would clear up and the junk would not make its way into his respiratory system.

3. That we would, above all, desire to glorify God in every every everything we do, and that he would continue using us to build his kingdom here.

We miss and love y’all!!!

- Rachel

Belizean Fun Fact: The Mennonites (huge population here) are just as Belizean as anyone, and their ice cream is SO GOOD.