*We asked our congregation to submit questions for Derek to answer in our series "Ask Me Anything". Some were answered on Sunday morning, some are answered here in our blog.

Ok, since my sermons are very full during the AMA series, I wanted to blog certain answers for you. So, here is one of the questions we received, along with my response.


Mark 15:23; why would the guards try & force Jesus to drink wine with myrrh? Only because it is “biter substance” (Matthew-mixed with Gall 27:34) or for another reason all together?

In those times, wine mixed with myrrh would have possibly had a numbing effect on the body.

Some would say Jesus did not take it so He could be fully aware of what was happening to Himself.

In Matthew, gall sometimes would have been used as a possible poison, or just a mockery of offering someone something good, yet it is corrupt.

Either case, Jesus was about one mission – Dying on the Cross so that He could accomplish the next mission – Rising from the grave.

Nothing could have stopped the Son of God from doing this.

These were His terms, and no one else’s.

We must understand that Jesus Christ was born to die this way.

We must also understand that Jesus was in control through His submission to God throughout the cross.

What can we take from this:

• No matter the situation or circumstance, we must allow God to lead us.

• It my be the most uncomfortable things to go through, but we are still called to follow.

We see Jesus doing this very thing. He followed God unto death.

See you on Sunday.

Derek Osburn