One more week of The Church United and we are done.  This study in 1 Corinthians as been very informative and beneficial because we are such a new church.  Do not miss this week entitled “Last Words” as we close out this series.  Our next series starting October 24th will be on Marriage.

  • Did you know the percentage of divorces is the same whether a couple attends church or not?
  • Did you know that marriage is the one place Satan can attack us and have the most success?
  • Did you know that in our culture and in our church there are so many people struggling within their marriage?

The church should be there for people who are hurting and give them hope.  I believe this series will be very good for all of us.  But I need your help.  To ensure I am able to preach what is relevant to you, I need you to send me your questions and/or comments on Marriage.  This will help me as I build my sermons and make sure it hits us all where we need the most help.  I look forward to this series and all the discussion everyone will have within the Community Groups.  Please be in prayer for our church as we enter this new series.  If you know of anyone who is married or single please bring them to this series.

Also remember>

  • Get involved in our Community Outreach: Sandia Elementary School
  • Look for more information coming about our new Prayer meeting every 3rd Thursday of the month.

God bless,