I have caught myself hoping for things that I shouldn’t hope for recently. Hoping for health, hoping for good weather, hoping for safety. And what I really should have placed my Hope in … is Christ.

That I would make much of Christ and hope in Him.

This week I am working on our Easter series, Hope is… As I think, pray, and reflect I have come to the conclusion that all of us at some point in our lives have placed our hope in the wrong things. We have had false hope in certain things. We have had a hope in Christ this is unrealistic. We hope that our lives will have meaning, when we are called to give Christ meaning. We hope that our lives are good when we are called to suffering and called to be misunderstood. Some how, we have bought into the lie that our culture has sold us, when we should have been influencing it. My hope should be in Christ, but too often it is in the thing that I can accomplish which makes it an unfulfilled hope. As we spend the next few weeks talking about Hope my prayer is that all of us would look deep into our own lives and truly try to understand where our hope is. What captivates our hope, what do we truly desire out of life. Lets learn together through this series, and celebrate Easter together at the end.

Share your thoughts on Hope with me on this blog.
Where have you placed your hope in the past?
In what things have you had false hope?

Your friend,

Derek Osburn