It hit me as I was reading James 3 to my wife the other night that I am seldom careful with the words I choose to say. I am not careful enough with my wife, family, friends, or others. It says the tongue is a fire, that I can’t tame myself. Romans 12:2 speaks of a transformation we need to have by the renewing of the mind. To go through a metamorphosis. This is to completely change. If I can’t tame my own tongue then it is something that has to be tamed by God through a transformed mind that causes everything including the words out of my mouth to be changed. WOW! This is very hard for me. I must completely submit to God so that He may change me and cause my thoughts to be of Him and also my words. This is what I learned, “A life not worth changing is a life not worth living.” As we go into the weekend most of us will have some time with the ones we love. Let’s try and make a conscious effort to have a transformed tongue. I believe that if we do this others around us will benefit as well. Join us this Sunday at The Vine as we continue our series A New Day. The topic for Sunday is 4 People. Bring someone who you think needs to meet Christ. You will be glad you did.

God Bless,