Isn’t it funny when people talk about what “their” church does for them? Or, how much they got out of “their” church? Or how “they” were blessed by certain things in “their” church? Hey, anyone want to be in a church consumed with selfishness? If you do there are plenty of them around. But to be a church full of unity is a tall order. Unity comes when everyone in the body looks after the needs of others. To have unity one must realize who they are in relation to God. A good, self-understanding goes a long way when building unity. You see, if we are about community, then we are about unity. These two are attached, just as my eye is attached to my face. Anytime you have discord in the body of Christ, unity begins to fragment. Maybe it is time for God’s church to do some self-reflection. If we were aware of our relation to God and not what our relation to the world is, then we would understand the true meaning of a Christ-Follower. It means, to become nothing, so that Christ can become everything. To be hidden with Christ in God. (Colossians 3:3) When we are hidden we are not seen. When we are not seen we are not selfish. When we are not selfish there is Unity. Now back to church, if I react in life based on the notion that the church is for me then I will end up feeling good every Sunday while no one is being changed. But if I react to the truth about the Church belonging to God, then my self-understanding takes on a whole new look. I do life in relation to God. At The Vine we are beginning a series in 1 Corinthians entitled “A Unified Church”. This is a tall order, and it should prove to be an interesting series. We would love to have you join us as we look into the lives of a church in Corinth through the eyes of a church planter (Paul). I believe we will not only learn about them but also walk away knowing how to take the ME out of Unity. May you live 4 God this week.