Have you ever noticed that when Fall comes it almost is a relief?  I mean the traveling stops the routine starts and life seems to even out?  Maybe it is not the case for you, but it is defiantly the case for me.  I often dream of the Fall, Ha Ha.  With whatever your summer was filled with I hope you are enjoying it.  The Vine Community Church has had a great summer.  I realize some people have been gone but I know we will all see each other once school starts up again.  I can’t wait to see everyone and to start the Fall with a bang.  This Fall will mark our One year anniversary as a Church Plant on Sunday September 12th.  I can’t believe that we have been doing this for 10 months now.  God has done some amazing things in people’s lives.  I would like for the One Year anniversary to be about that.  So if you have a testimony about The Vine and how the church has touched your life email me and lets praise Christ for He work in our lives together.  As we look forward I know God has some huge plans for His church.  Has we grow and mature I believe God will bring us to a place where we can constitute as a church where we can stand on our own feet.  We are so grateful to the State Convention of New Mexico and Central Baptist Church for their prayers and financial support of The Vine and we look forward to our relationship as a sister Church in the state.  I wanted to take some time to share a few things with you as a church.

1)  We have many amazing volunteers that give so much time and energy to make sure that each Weekend service and Community Group goes on without a problem.  When you see someone working, thank them for what they do.

2)  We have great people within the church who give out of the abundance of their heart financially to The Vine to make it possible to do ministry 4 God, 4 people, and 4 the World.  Thank you for giving to the Vision God has given us to accomplish.

3)  We have amazing musicians that use their talents every week to lead us into an attitude of worship so God can speak His truths to us every week.  When you see them around the church on Sundays thank them for all they do.  Some drive 2 hours to be with us every week.  NOW THAT IS COMMITMENT. 

4)  Please keep praying for The Vine as we develop a Leadership Structure, By-Laws, and plan for our future as a Church. 

I pray often for everyone in the church, my prayer is that God would continue to speak through you to reach out to others with the love of Christ.  That we would all be a light in a dark world, and that together we would be the Church God as called us to be.  Please pray with me that we would keep out focus on God and strive to do all He is asking of us.

Again if you ever need anything please email, text, or call me. 

God bless you,

Your Pastor
Derek Osburn