We are 6 weeks into our RE/Marriage series. It is now time to address some of the questions that were given to me about marriage. In the next several blog entries I will bring biblical & practical advice to these questions. I will also be including other blogs that will be helpful. I hope you enjoy.

One of the first questions that came in was this one:  How do you keep the marriage going strong and keep God at the center?

This is a very broad question so I will try and direct the answer in a specific nature but give other resources.  I believe the recipe for keeping a marriage strong is Christ.  This is an individual and corporate marital endeavor.  Each person within the marriage should be filling themselves up with God’s word and a focused life of serving Christ.

  • Each spouse should have a personal relationship with Christ.
  • Each spouse should have his or her own time with God.
  • Each spouse should have a commitment to the marriage regardless of the situation.
  • Each spouse should have a healthy prayer life.
  • The couple should read the bible together.
  • The couple should share with each other what God is showing them spiritually.
  • The couple should pray together.
  • The couple should worship together.
  • The couple should pray for each other constantly.

The second part of the question deals with keeping God at the center.  The best way to keep God at the center of a marriage is keep everything else out of the center.  This includes the wife, the husband, you, the children, the job, the in-laws, friends, or anything else.Next is to get involved in activities that center around God:  church, community group, service projects, like show box drive, local mission opportunities.  When you serve alongside your spouse you begin to see them in a new light.  Talk about your struggles with each other without judging each other.  Struggles in your spiritual life, with each other, children, church, prayer, friendships, & job.  This should usher a deeper prayer lifeyou’re your and your spouse.  The commitment you share with your spouse should be the greatest earthly commitment you have.

Nothing strengthens a marriage like Godly living.

I realize these are very difficult things to start within a marriage, but try and take one thing at a time.  Remember you can eat an elephant; it just takes eating it one bite at a time.  Just as God honors a willingness to change, I almost guarantee your spouse will appreciate the effort.I believe that God wants to restore marriages within our church.

I believe this because He will be glorified in a Godly marriage.

Ultimately God wants glory.

Ultimately within our marriages we are to point people to God’s glory.GREAT MARRIAGE WEBSITE:  www.refineus.org

Have a Happy Thanksgiving,

Lead Pastor