Coming in December will be a new series entitled “Project Better Days“. We are looking for interaction and discussion from everyone to compliment the content. We would like to use your comments and questions to encourage a deeper and more meaningful walk with Christ this upcoming Christmas season.

So . . . there are several ways for you to get involved in the discussion.

  1. First, you will notice a new page entitled “Project Better Days” along the top navigation bar, next to “About Us”, “Contact Us”, and “Why BeCoffee?”. This will be a discussion page on which Derek will pose questions that you can respond to with answers or questions of your own. We only ask you to keep it civilized. We haven’t restricted who can post, or what they can post, but we reserve the right to censor offensive stuff and lock it down if necessary. So be cool!
  2. Our Facebook page will contain the same questions and I think you all know how Facebook works. So if your more comfortable over there, there’s that option.
  3. Our Twitter feed (@thevine_main). We know a lot of you don’t use Twitter (don’t know why not, but you should) so if you do, we ask that you include the hash tag #projectbetterdays on your twitter postings. That way, we can easily search for and find your comments. You never know, your twitter posting could be used during one of our sermons during the series, or on a video, or a graphic, or one of our websites.