This Sunday I will preach on Love. This word is one of the most widely misused words in the English language. We use it to describe an assortment of feelings from food, to our God.


When a word is used in so many different ways, it becomes less effective, especially when you want it to convey something special. This Sunday we will focus on the kind of love Christ has for us and in turn the kind of love we all need to exhibit. Sounds impossible to me, but when God gets ahold of a situation then the impossible becomes very possible. My goal in preaching about love is to expose the love of Christ for His church and encourage all of us to do the same and to follow through with each other in honest love. My prayer this week, as I prepare, is to look into my own life and find the corrupt love that I have for people and things – and for God to expose it in my life so I can move past it and truly love others the way Christ loves me. My prayer for the church is that God may work in us a newfound love for others so we may work together and reach people with the gospel of Christ.

Here are some areas I am working on:

  • Loving my God with my WHOLE heart.
  • Loving myself even when I MESS things up.
  • Loving my wife with HONESTY and selflessness.
  • Loving my Children through a Godly EXAMPLE.
  • Loving my church as CHRIST loves the church.

I pray this week God shows up in a huge way in your life.

See you Sunday. God bless,