I have been thinking a lot about church activities. As I do, I have to say that activities can have a negative effect on what God wants to do through His church. If a church is not careful with what they allow to happen within the church, they become a machine that just eats up time and energy of the body of Christ. I call these killer activities. If a church wants to derail God’s vision in His church all they have to do is spread themselves so thin that they become as wide as an ocean and only an inch deep. To many churches continue to sacrifice God’s best for man’s good works. If the church is to go and be the Gospel to their culture they must give themselves time and energy to accomplish that purpose. Otherwise, the church becomes this club or organization of members whose sole purpose is to provide meaningless activities to occupy the time of its members. This leaves no room for missional living within the culture. The activities then begin to kill the vision of the church. At The Vine, we are striving to maintain this simple church structure. By that, I mean we are trying to not only fulfill the vision: 4 God, 4 People, 4 the World, but we also run every ministry or activity through the filter of God’s best for His church. Do not get me wrong, there are a ton of good things out there for God’s church. But the many good activities become few great activities when run through the filter of: “What is God asking His church to accomplish?”

Now here is the question, what does a church do when it feels the pressure to do more activities or add more ministries to their schedule?  Fight the urge to say yes. This might be one of the hardest things a church can do. But it becomes one of the most liberating things a church should do. Again, I have just been thinking of church activities and thought you might like to join in the conversation. Let me know what you think.

Have a great day,