WOW! This time next week we will be talking about how the first service went. Tonight I sit here with my mind flooded with ideas and things to get done for next Sunday. My wife and I attended three very different church services in Lubbock over the weekend. We met up with two different couples who are also going to The Vine. We had a great time visiting with all the staff from different churches and felt very encouraged about what is about to happen. “A New Day” will be my sermon title on Sunday and we are definatly in a new day. I can not wait to see everyone God brings to this church. I pray that everyone involved feels God’s rest in thier life so that when it is time to work we are all refreshed. I am so excited about what God will do through His people who are willing. I am so happy to be invovled with all who are willing to be a part of The Vine. 

God bless you,