Marriage above all things is about unity and the hard work it takes to maintain unity is very intensive. When one spouse is growing in Christ and the other is not it creates stress within the marriage. God never intended for this to happen so when it does, then your marriage is not where it is suppose to be. This week I will be discussing this question:

How do you draw closer to GOD and take your partner with you?

We all have had a different upbringing, different experiences, and different spiritual lives. When we come together in marriage this can create one of two scenarios.

  1. You continue to grow in an individual way, separated spiritually.
  2. You can grow together spiritually through different bible study and prayer life together.

God wants unity and oneness in your marriage on ALL levels. To achieve this in your marriage you must agree to consistent bible study and prayer. I realize this is much easier said then achieved. The hardest thing to do in our busy life is to sit down with no distractions and read our bibles and pray together. But it is the most important thing you could ever do with your spouse. Because of this reason Satan wants nothing more than to see you fail in this area.

We all know how hard it is to change the way we do things, but I believe if you can just decide to start a bible study with your spouse and decide to pray with your spouse then God will begin to bless this action within your marriage. Remember God does not want spiritual discord within your marriage. Decide today that you will do whatever it takes to aid in your spouses spiritual walk. Make a plan and stick with it. You will not be sorry you did. You will only be sorry if you continue to not start at all.

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God bless,

Derek Osburn, Lead Pastor