This week people are consumed with buying the perfect gift that will tell the person receiving it that they are loved more than anyone else, that they are loved more than they were last year. I can’t help but think about the things I am grateful for this Christmas. My list is long like everyone else’s I am sure. But if we could focus on the most grateful things I believe we would have this elusive grateful Christmas. So here is my list>

  1. God of the Universe – whose mercies are new on a continuous bases.
  2. My God given wife – She is my oxygen. She is my best friend. Everyone in our lives where put there by God to love and help us. Question> What are we doing to make sure they know how grateful we are?
  3. My wonderful children – These three girls give me my desire to strive for more, to achieve my dreams.
  4. My family – Dad, mom, sister, brother, In-laws, cousins, nieces & nephews. I have a great family that I do not see as often as I should. During the holidays my plans usually change to the point of sacrificing time with them. But no matter what when the phone rings love abounds to and from them all.
  5. My friends – The encouragement and prayers from so many people get me out of bed each morning to work for God.
  6. The Church – The Vine is a special place. It was created out of nothing to push people out of comfort and live for Christ. It is not perfect because we are not perfect, but its pulse beats to the rhythm of Christ. Let us all learn together how to do church in the way God sees it.

As you live these next couple of weeks, please take advantage of the time spent with those in your life that rank high on your grateful list. And remember to put mas de Cristo in your Christmas.

Your friend,