Easter is more than hiding and hunting eggs, more than a big bunny, more than a ton of chocolate. It is about Jesus. Do you realize Easter is the best time to invite someone to church. Why you ask?  Because no matter where you go to church you are guaranteed that the church has spent more time, more money to make this the best service ever. Why would a church do this? Because Easter is the SUPER BOWL of church. During the weeks leading to the Super Bowl things get kinda crazy for everyone involved in the NFL. The money that is spent and all of the preparation is monumental to make sure everyone watching the Super Bowl walks away with a positive attitude. There are very high expectations on Easter Sunday at any church as well. We want everyone to come to church on Easter. You really do not have to advertise for Easter, people will go to church somewhere, but you do have to invite them to your church. At The Vine we will do our best to do a couple of things during Easter:

  1. Preach the Gospel
  2. Love People

There will be good music, good food, childcare, and we will spend some money, and make sure we do our best but my goal is that nothing gets in the way of Jesus showing up and people’s lives being changed. Please pray we make much of Jesus. And remember the schedule:

  • Good Friday Service 6 PM
  • Easter Sunday services at 8 AM & 10 AM

God bless,