Last January I went to Belize on a Mission trip. I usually do not allow enough time to get to know people because I spend time planning or talking with my own group. This trip I felt the need to change my focus. One day at the construction site I began a conversation with a man named Benjamin who happens to be the Pastor of a Catholic Church in a place called the Valley of Peace, which is an El Salvadorian refuge camp in Belize. Benjamin also runs all construction crews there for the Word at Work & also is a teacher for a local school. As we talked he asked me what it was like to just be a pastor. I described to him the preparation and all the meetings and as I did we found common ground in the fact that our schedules where pretty similar. He then began to tell me of all the things he used to want to accomplish that where not really working out for him. He then said you just have to “Be Coffee where God has you”. I said, “yes bring coffee”, I thought because everyone likes coffee, I really did not know what he was talking about because I am slow (I will blog about that another time) but I did not want to come across as a dumb American, it was too late for that. He then said, “No, be coffee, be coffee, be coffee. He could tell by my facial expression that I still did not understand. So he explained himself this way. If you have a pot of boiling water on the stove and you decide to put a potato in the pot there comes a time when the potato is great to eat, but if you keep it in the boiling water too long it becomes mushy, and compromised because of the hot water. Now if you put an egg in the boiling water there comes a time when you take it out and it is a delicious hard-boiled egg. But if you leave the egg in the hot water too long it becomes too hard to eat. But if you put coffee into the boiling water the coffee changes the water and who does not like coffee? I chimed in and said, “I love it”. Benjamin continues and said, “We must Be Coffee”. Let’s say the boiling water is our Culture where God has placed all of us. In our culture we have three choices, first we can be a potato and turn mushy and allow our surroundings to influence us and to sway us to do things that are saturated with the world. Second, we can choose to be like an egg and get hardened by the culture and become cynical towards it. Both the potato and the egg are not effective for God. Lastly, we can choose to be coffee where God has placed you, and change the culture. And when we become coffee we become a part of changing others as well.

It is my desire to be coffee in Clovis. I want you to be coffee also. To be coffee is what the church is called to be in this culture. The Vine Community Church will strive to be coffee in Clovis. The question remains, Will you join us?

As we live, and we work, and we speak may our lives be coffee to the world around us as we go. Let us all covet to live a life worthy of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

I pray you have a great day, and may Benjamin’s words have a tremendous affect on you as well.

Your friend,