As I watched the Super Bowl commercials, one particular one spoke volumes to me. In the Chrysler commercial the narrator said the “Hottest fires makes the hardest steal”. When God wants to RE/Fine your marriage it will get hot. Because the hotter and more discipline he gives the more character you will have and stronger marriage you will have. Remember when you allow your marriage to RE/Fine then you allow God complete control over your life. You completely submit under His authority. You allow Him to receive maximum glory in your life and in return you are in His will.

Answer these questions

  1. Do you want to be in God’s will?
  2. Do you really want His will for your life, or your own?

Because God’s will leads down some very interesting places. God leads us into a life of sacrifice. He leads us into the refiners fire. When this happens all the impurities in our life are revealed and we come out pure before God. Painful? Yes, Humiliating? Yes. Necessary? Most defiantly. Most of the time this is why it never happens. Because the pride in our lives never allows us the ability to become refined personally, and never allows our marriages to become refined. In turn our witness is never maximized to others and the gospel is not propelled the way God intended it to be. Why, because our own self-preservation stands in the way of what God wants from us. This Sunday we will close our RE/Marriage series with RE/Fine. I believe this will be the greatest challenge within this multi-week series. So come prepared to be broken down and the impurities in your marriage and life to be ripped out so God can reclaim you as His creation and not what you have become on your own. God bless you this week and may He prepare all of our hearts to hear from Him this Sunday.