Hi, my name is Steve and I’m the guy who set this blog up for Derek, unfortunately right in the middle of a very busy time for him. Long story short, he’s not available to blog right now and I haven’t set him up an account to do so yet. So until he gets back, your stuck with me and I’ll try to fill in the gap here with some random ramblings of my own. A guest blogger if you will.

I thought I would start off with a book review that my oldest son turned me onto called “The Unlikely Disciple” by Kevin Roose. It intrigued me because the premise is a student from Brown University decides on a writing project and tackles the question, what is life like inside the fishbowl known as “bible boot camp” or Liberty University. The intriguing part to me is I play a little game of my own when I enter our local church, or any church for that matter, and I wonder just exactly what would a non-christian who didn’t have a clue about christianity think when they walked into our assembly. Face it christians, we have our own language, our own cliques and we appear really odd to those on the outside of the fishbowl. Sometimes we become so familiar with our surroundings that dysfunctional items right under our nose become tolerable. We need an unbiased view of what we look like to the world and this book provides this.

Your probably not going to like or agree with all in the book, and my personal opinion is that we christians read too many books that make us feel good and feel comfortable. When was the last time you read something that stoked you up, challenged you to change? I believe there needs to be a balance in our reading and this book won’t disappoint in challenging you to step outside of yourself and look at the christian huddle from the outside. You’ll be surprised that looking at a huddle from the outside only presents a bunch of butts. Ouch! Did I say that out loud?

Somethings Roose writes will surprise you too. Take into consideration his young age when he wrote this and you’ll be amazed at his maturity. He’ll make you laugh, raise an eyebrow or two, and ponder your place in the christian circle. I recommend you pick up a copy, mix in a little open mind and you won’t be disappointed.