It is said that women go to church for the programs, but men go to church because of other men.  We like camaraderie.  We enjoy the guys and being around authentic men who speak truth into our lives.  The problem is that few men ever speak truth into other men.  This is why the church has become a place full of women and not of men.

  1. Most churches are decorated for women.
  2. Most programs are geared towards a women’s needs.
  3. Most men do not attend church.

But if we modeled ourselves after Jesus, He hung around 12 other men and He spoke wisdom into their lives and in turn they changed the world.

Here is the deal> Men need to rethink what God has designed them to be as Christ-followers.  This is where we begin> Biblical Manhood

 This term describes the authentic man God has created you to become.

  • Strong in the Lord
  • Courageous in Christ
  • Protecting your wife and children
  • Accountable for your actions
  • Pure in Heart
  • Wise