First, I must apologize that I haven’t written in a while. There is not a good excuse except it has not been a priority. So now it is and I would like to tell you about what has been going on. I will try and blog several times this week to fit everything in.

I traveled to Belize from December 28-January 6th. God did some amazing things while the team was in Belize, from building a foundation for a community library to sharing the Story Cloth to some church leaders. We are scheduled to go back in combination with Central Baptist Church in early August to train 5,000 teachers the Story Cloth so they can utilize it to teach their students during the spirituality course in school. This means that 50,000 children will hear the gospel next school year. God has given us an amazing opportunity to share the gospel with these people. To get this ball rolling Alan McAlister who is the pastor at Central Baptist Church, Cindy Wall a member at The Vine, and myself will travel back to Belize February 14-17 to meet with and share the Story Cloth with 6 district managers in charge of all schools in Belize. We will answer questions and seek to set up the training for August. PLEASE be in prayer for this trip as we try and follow God’s leadership as it pertains to our vision 4 the world.

One of the most amazing things happening is what God is doing inside the Community of The Vine. We are averaging around 180 people every Sunday and our offerings have been averaging around $4,000 each week. There are many new faces every week that feel comfortable and cared for by everyone. I really do appreciate everyone who comes and meets new people every Sunday. I believe our church is one of the friendliest churches I have ever seen. I know that 2010 holds some amazing things for The Vine.

Our Community Groups are also going great. This year we want to bring them to the forefront of what The Vine is all about. We are working on a brochure that will spotlight all the different groups, so when people come to our worship service they will be able to get that information and be able to make a decision on a Comm Group that is best for them. Right now we have 8 Comm Groups and we would love to see them grow and multiply. If you are not involved in a Comm Group yet please sign up in the Lobby on Sunday or email me about it.

As we move forward at The Vine we are most excited about YOU! YOU are the one who is buying into the Vision, YOU are the one who is coming every Sunday, YOU are the one who is talking about what God is doing at The Vine, YOU are the one bringing people to church to hear the Gospel. Because of YOU this Church is here in Clovis. I can’t wait to see YOU Sunday. I hope you have a great week.

My Promise: I will strive to listen to God, strive to hear from Him, strive to balance this ministry with my home life and all my friends. But most of all I will strive to seek God in what He has for all of us. Please pray for me as I pray for you.

One other announcement: There are a couple of College students doing a Haiti benefit concert this Saturday Night at Java Loft at 6:30 PM. Please come and support them and the relief effort. See you there.

God Bless,

Your Lead Pastor,