Why does one spouse mostly always have to do chores and the other is clueless to them?

My first assumption is that this is not the man asking a question about his wife. With that out of the way, have you ever heard the term “Pull your own weight!”? This means that everyone within a household needs to have responsibilities around the house. Chores around the house are the responsibility of both people within a marriage. There should never be a comment like “Since you are the wife, you do the housework!”

  • When dishes need to be done, both are responsible.
  • When supper needs to be prepared, both are responsible.
  • When laundry needs to be done, both are responsible.
  • When ironing needs to be done, both are responsible.

Do you get the pattern?

  • When more money needs to be made, both spouses figure it out.
  • When less money needs to be spent, both spouses figure it out.
  • When the house is a wreck, both spouses figure it out.

In my house, there is no chore designated for the “Wife” or for the “Husband”. Problems like this usually stem from our past and the way we were brought up. Also, communication between two people allows some explanation. Example: “Honey, did you know every week laundry needs to be done?” Personally I found it easy to help out around the house because I was single until I was 26 years old. So I had a few years of doing things for myself. My wife just made a lot of things much easier. We must change our mindset, learn this and live by it, and your wife or husband, and life for that matter, will be much better … “I am responsible for everything in the house.”

At first glance, this question might make one snicker. But most of the insignificant issues within a marriage, given enough time, will become the thing(s) that break it up in the end. My prayer is that everyone would pray for sensitivity with each other and learn to help out in every area of life.

God bless & Happy New Year